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Indica Strains

Indica strains are popular for their relaxing, comforting and sedative effects. Comparing indica vs sativa strains, this strain typically will offer a “body high.” Common uses for indica strains are stress relief, pain relief and insomnia.

Further more, Cannabis indica is one of the main types of marijuana alongside cannabis Sativa and ruderalis. These varietals evolved in colder climates, leading them to grow as short, compact bushes with broad leaves, typically known for having relaxing, sedative effects due to their higher concentrations of the terpene myrcene.

Most Indica varieties originate from central Asia and the Indian subcontinent, particularly the Hindu Kush mountain range of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Indica Strain Positive Effects

First and foremost, it’s important to note that cannabis affects every person differently. The way you experience cannabis depends on a number of individual factors. These include things such as your age, weight, and previous tolerance to cannabis. If you are new or inexperienced with cannabis, it’s important to start off with small doses and slowly work your way up.  While the specific nature of effects varies between individual strains,this strain typically have effects that are highly relaxing and stay mainly in the body.

More so, Medicinally the stereotypical ‘stone’ delivers a deeply relaxing body hit. If you’ve heard the phrase ‘couch lock’ used before it is in reference to the feeling of not being able to move thanks to the comforting sedative qualities of this strain. It is a high known amongst patients worldwide for their pain relieving qualities.